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My chamaerops has lost some of its leaves due to the cold. Will it recover?
No, I'm afraid not. The best thing to do is just cut them off, this stimulates the growth of new leaves.

My banana's leaves look really ragged. Is this normal? (musa basjoo and Musa sikkimensis).
Don't worry. That's normal enough; in tropical countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia you'd expect to find shredded leaves on the banana trees!

It was frosty here last week (Poland) and the center of my #Butia eriostpatha3 has been damaged, I can just remove it. What now?
Pull the spear gently upwards. If it gives, remove it completely and treat the heart of the plant with anti-mould protection (such as Bayer). If other leaves have turned brown remove these, too.

Why have my palm's leaves turned yellow?
This is often caused by: 1) Too little fertilizer 2) Wrong fertilizer. Cheap fertilizers which are not meant for palms leave too many salt residues. If this happens, repot your palm in special palm-soil after rinsing as much of the old soil as possible from the root system.

My palm tree's leaves are lighter in colour this year than last. What's wrong?
Often, a lightening of the colour of the leaves is caused by a nutrient deficiency. It's advisable to use Palmbooster to correct this problem in combination with slow-release fertilizer.

How do I get my palms and other exotics healthy again ?
1: Especially palms in pots can suffer from winter through rootsfreezing. Use palmbooster to stimulate new growth. Without roots the palm cannot take any fertilizer so first use palmbooster and afterwards the slow release fertilizer. 2: If palms become yellow it is mostly due to using the wrong fertilizer. The saltstructure in the soil becomes too high. Re-pot the palm in special palmsoil and fertilize the palm with slow release 3: To get strong growth and dark green leaves it is good to apply slow release palm fertilizer every three weeks and water well afterwards.

After the winter my palm looks poorly. What should I do?
Prevention is better than cure; a good winter protection is recommended. People often underestimate the rate at which palm roots can freeze. Potted plants in particular are sensitive to root damage by frost. If the palm has suffered root damage in this way, it's important to grow new roots. Without roots the palm cannot absorb fertilizer, water or other substances. The best cure is a double dose of Palmbooster and to begin with a slow release fertilizer from the end of april.

Help I have yellow leaves, what do I do now ?
This could be a problem by using the wrong fertilizer as it can build up salt structure in soil. Best is repotting and using new palmsoil with right fertilizer and water well.