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How are the plants transported?
Plants are packed expertly and carefully. Where large orders are involved, plants can be removed from their pots and packed in a special medium to reduce wieght and transport costs. Every plant or group of plants is labelled, so that upon receipt you can clearly confirm that you are getting what you ordered.

I live in Germany, how quickly can you transport plants to me?
In general within 3 days.

What's the largest palm you can transport?
In general we sell plants with a trunk length of up to 160cm. We can transport everything which is available on

I think you large orders on pallets. How much do I pay per pallet (transport to Germany, please)
Your pallet price is automatically calculated based on your country before you order. Second and subsequent pallets travel free! Your maximum transport fee for say, Germany, is € 35 ex. V.A.T. (september 2012) for an unlimited amount of plants.

Can you deliver large palms to the UK?
Yes, if you can order it on we can supply it to you. Where you see fork-lift trucks instead of a weight indication you can expect delivery on a pallet.

I'd like to order a larger palm but don't have a fork-lift truck to take delivery. Is this a problem?
No problem at all. All our delivery trucks are supplied with electrical fork-lift trucks and delivery lifts.

What is the delivery time ?
Delivery time is usually: Holland, Belgium Luxembourg and Germany: 2-4 Days Great Britain, France, Denmark, Austria: 3-5 days All other European countries : depending on country but 4-9 usually days

What is the price of delivery ?
All transport fees are extremely competitive and are automatically calculated for you. See our homepages for further information.

What about shipping plants during cold weather?
Each parcel will considered for what is in the packet and where it is going to. If there is a risk to the plant due to the temperature then the customer will receive an email about shipping at a later date. Mypalmshop has been shipping world-wide for years does have good experience in this.

How do you ship the plants ?
As Mypalmshop ships huge numbers of parcels we do use special wrappings and packings for plants. Mypalmshop is experienced in this job and really does know how to ship the plants in the right way.

How many plants you will pack in a cardboard box?
The webshop automatically calculates shipment costs. Plants with a weight can be transported in a box and the ones with a fork-lift sign will be on a pallet. The webshop even calculate how many boxes your shipment will be send. Click on the check-out trolley whilst preparing your order and you update the shipment costs and prices.

What countries does Mypalmshop deliver to?
All European countries. Non European countries can order but have to do this by email as ordering is not possible through this webshop.

Is there a trackingnumber available ?
You can trace your order on the homepage. Fill in your ordernumber where it says 'track and trace' and you will see if your order has been dispatched and where it is.

What happens if my shipment is lost or arrives damaged?
Shipments via the postal service are fully insured in case of loss or damage. When you receive a shipment that has been damaged it is very important that you note the type of damage or loss of contents and have it signed and stamped by a postal service official. It is your liability to send us this document. Without it, the insurance will not pay.

What about shipping plants to Switzerland?
MyPalmShop does know about the special paper-work for Switzerland and organises this for the customer at no extra cost!