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What does protect from -6 degrees centigrade mean?
This means that the plant is hardy down to -6 degrees centigrade and may even tolerate a few degrees more frost. Precisely what may be tolerated depends upon a few criteria; how the plant is situated in your garden and what the wind-chill is. But to be on the safe side we would advise that you cover your plant with synthetic fleece to avoid any damage if you think the temperature may drop below this level.

Should I cut my old palm leaves off?
You can cut off leaves at any time with no negative effect to the palm-tree. It often even encourages new growth and roots.

Do you sell fertilizers for palm trees?
Yes, we do! The following fertilizers are available: - Special fertilizers for tree-ferns - Slow-release fertilizer for palm- trees (pink granules - dissolves when watered and it's almost impossible to over-fertilize) - Special soluble slow-working fertilizer for palm-trees (can be administered with water) - Palmbooster: a combination of fertlizer and root-growth hormone (use after the winter and for planting/transplanting your palm-tree)

How can you tell if a palm has been damaged by frost?
This is only apparent when warm weather arrives and there is no more frost. As the sun shines brown spots appear on the damaged leaves as sap cannot to flow due to cell damage.

Can I use plastic foil to insulate my palms against the cold?
Use of plastic bubble foil is Ok for short periods but ensure adequate flow of air on warmer days. Never use for more than a week as plastic doesn't aerate well and mould will form. It's better to use reed matting with fleece or the Biogreen winter protection, see also a href=''winter protection/a. Cardboard boxes also work well or pine-tree branches if available.

Should I bring my tree-ferns indoors for the winter?
Dicksonia antartica, Cyathea australis and a few other species can survive the winter with adequate protection. We'd advise you to take all other tree-ferns indoors or use heating cables.

How often should I water my Trachycarpus?
If it's above 17C you should water your Trachycarpus regularly. On swelteringly hot days spray water against the trunk (this promotes the development of thicker trunks). Below 17C - keep the soil lightly moist.

Can I use normal lawn fertiliser to fertilise my tree-ferns?
Tree-ferns are quite quirky plants needing special treatment. For example, they require a pH of around 5.5. (see Fertilizer)

I have been giving my palm tree Palmbooster all summer. Should I reduce the dosage as winter approaches?
Only use Palmbooster until the end of August at the latest.

What steps do you recommend taking when transplanting a palm tree to ensure that it 'takes' in the new position?
1. Dig out a minimal of 25cm from the trunk 2. Delay transplanting in warm/dry weather 3. Dig a hole for your plant and fill two to three times with water, allowing to drain in between 4. Fil a layer of around 10cm of compost at the bottom of the hole 5. Keep the root-ball out of the sun and transplant as quickly as possible 6. Never transplant after the summer 7. Water with Palmbooster added in.

How can I best package my plants for the winter?
1. Be very sparing with water, water conducts cold to the roots and can promote the growth of mould. Also, don't use plastic to wrap your plants. 2. On warmer days, allow your plant to 'breathe' by tempoarily removing winter protection. 3. Don't forget a good layer of mulch around the trunk; root damage due to frost is an under-estimated phenomenon! 4. Palms in pot are not hardy and subject to drying out!

Do you sell heating for plants
Mypalmshop has an extensive assortment of heating cables with or without thermostat. Al these and other associated articles can be found under the winter protection button on

What's best, solid or liquid fertiliser?
Soluble fertilizers usually leave more salt residue but work more quickly and effectively. A disadvantage of the rapid working is that you can easily over-fertilize. The amateur is therefore recommended to use the slow-release fertilizer. This will release when watered or during a shower.

Can I use weed killer to kill weeds growing round the base of my palm?
You can do this but be aware that whilst conifers and other trees and shrubs make side-roots palms often make new roots close to the trunk. Always treat areas at least 10cm removed from the trunk.

Can I cut the browned tips of my palms leaves off?
Yes, you can do this without damaging your palm. A good technique is to take the whole leaf in your palm, move it towards the end of the leaf and to use a pair of scissors to remove all leaf tips from the leaf in one cut.

I have noticed that birds are removing some of the tufts on the stem of my palm tree for nesting. I am pleased for the birds, but can this damage my plant?
A pleasant side-effect of growing palms is that you do the birds a favour - they use the trunk hair to line their nests in spring. This does your palm no harm at all - just nature taking its course!

When is the best time to plant a palm?
For palms in open ground it is better to plant your palm before september in northern European countries.

Help, my palm is producing flowers - is this a problem?
This is normal. There are male and female palms. Only the female makes seeds.

Are potted palms equally frost resistant ?
No. Palms which are planted in the ground will be better protected from low temperatures than potted palms. In pots, frost can penetrate the root ball more rapidly than in the protective soil.

How do i protect my palm in winter ?
Mypalmshop sells winterprotection for palms. Go to and click on winter protection!

How do I get dark green healthy leaves ?
Use the pink slow release fertliser. The best there is for palms.

How should I water my palms ?
That depends on the species. Most importantly: as palms do not grow so much under 17 degrees celsius it is not necessary to put extra water below this temperature. Above it is good to keep the soil moist and on really hot days it is important to water well. Palms need more water than most people think.